Lens Cleaners  (limited supply)

Exclusive Canadian distributor of high quality Laboratory Lens Cleaner.


Cleans optical glass and lens surfaces, leaving a clear non-streaking, sparkling finish. Best product for any glass coated or uncoated optical surfaces found in microscopy or microphotography. Leaves no undesirable coating or silicone films.

DazzlensTM can be used on virtually any glass or clear plastic surface with superior results. The cleaner removes oils, grease, grit, and smoke film leaving a clear sparkling finish that WILL NOT STREAK..

Eye Care & Opthalmology                    

- eyeglasses

- anti-reflective lenses                         

- polycarbonate lenses

- sunglasses

- protective goggles


- microscope lenses

- telescope lenses
- laboratory equipment  


- mirrors

- windows                              

- acrylic surfaces

- plexiglass

- white boards                              

- car mirrors

- security sensors


- camera and photographic lenses

- video camera lens

- laser glass

- visual sensors

- computer monitor

- scanner glass

- PDA's

- television screens

- large screens

- plasma screens

- flat screens

- laser cd discs

- dvd discs


- rifle scopes

- sights

- sonar/radar display                           - binocular lenses